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Stump! Trivia is played all of the country – all 50 states! And though there are some fervent players everywhere – nowhere are they more dedicated than at the The Manifest located in Honolulu, Hawaii at 32 North Hotel Street.

Here’s what Adrienne LaFrance told us via Honolulu:

So.. I think I told you about this before, but every six months, we’ve been hosting a Stump Tournament of Champions. All of the teams who have ever won during a regular week are invited back for the tourney (which is just a regular Stump game, but I try to make the questions extra hard) and there are better prizes and more intense competition! Anyway, this time, the bar manager – who is amazing – decided to wood-carve a trophy for the winning team. I attachedĀ a photo (it’s not finished yet in this photo) of his work.

Absolutely incredible in my opinion. I had to share it with you!

Cheers, Adrienne LaFrance


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