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Founded in 1999 outside of Boston MA, Stump! Trivia Quiz is a live hosted knowledge based event played in bars and restaurants all over the country.  We currently conduct approximately 400  events a week, providing fun and exciting competitions in bars, restaurants and special events. Get your team, (up to 6 max) to one of our venues to test your skill at an assortment of trivia questions, from Anatomy to Literature, Movies to History, Sports to Science.

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Other trivia companies, players, bar owners always ask: What has made Stump! Trivia so successful since 1999?  The Format, the Hosts and the Questions.


1) FORMAT…Our unique format makes the game more exciting than most. We combine the strategy of wagering points, with the need for cleverness for our bonus rounds.This is not just 50, 60, or 70 questions asked in a row and whoever has the highest score wins. Stump! involves strategy, which helps keep new teams winning each week.


2) HOSTS…Our staff of professionally trained hosts. These are not Dj’s, but people that love trivia, love running trivia events. They realize that Stump! is the entertainment and their job is to complement it. Being able to keep the pace of the game, recruit first time teams, or help someone with the clarity of a question, these men and women know what they are doing. Over 50% of our hosts have been with Stump for 5+ years, 25% 10+ years. Our hosts run the spectrum of jobs, from Teachers, lawyers, bio-chemists, fishermen, private eyes, and even a couple cool Accountants. Our hosts help seperate Stump! from the rest of the field. Check out what some of our hosts do on their biopage.


3) QUESTIONS… Since our founding in 1999, our focus has been on the question writing. In order to gain any respect from trivia players, the content needs to be 100% correct. You can have the best format, the best hosts, but if the questions you ask are wrong, you are in the WRONG business. How long would you be in the restaurant business if your food is awful. Although we get ideas from people all across the country, we create all original content.  As far as we know there has not been a wrong question since August 8th 2012, and this was the question. (BTW, It wasn’t wrong, it just had a second answer that we didn’t realize).


In Mythology, what famous creature was the offspring of Poseidon and the snake-haired Medusa, born from her neck when Perseus beheaded her?

1) Pegasus (The “Famous” winged Horse that most people have heard of, that was our answer.)

And the answer that one team brought up
2) KHRYSAOR (or Chrysaor) From was a son of the Gorgon Medusa. He was usually represented as giant, but may also have been conceived of as a winged boar, just as his twin brother Pegasus was a winged horse.