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One of our Stump! Trivia Quiz Host’s, Ken Lytle, and his wife, Katie Corcoran Lytle, have together written a book that humorously details 220 of the world’s most easily avoided catastrophes and disasters. From the Titanic and the Hindendurg to Crystal Pepsi and 10-cent Beer Night, these geniuses will make you feel a lot better about yourself the next time you forget your anniversary or forget to put money in the parking meter. Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble, Borders, or anywhere else books are sold!

The book’s foreword is written by our own Founder, CEO, & Chief Poohbah – Bob Carney. Long ago the Stump! Trivia empire, was confined to only four bars in Boston, and has since expanded to hundreds of bars in states from New Hampshire to Hawaii.

Ken Lytle is by day a mild-mannered accountant and by night a passionate Stump! Trivia Quiz Host. He combined his love for words and numbers with his vast array of odd facts and figures to assemble this collection of catastrophes.

Katie Corcoran Lytle, loves any and all trivial pursuits and put her love of arcane knowledge to use by earning her MA in nineteenth century American literature. A former professor, Katie currently works as a publishing professional.

Great job Ken & Katie!

Check it out at Barnes & Noble and Amazon!


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