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It has finally happened, the greatest trivia company in the country has finally updated our online presence. How do you like it? Feel free to look around and send us your comments; what you like, what you hate, any corrections etc. All of you have had a hand in making and keeping us great so it’s only fitting we hear from you.

Here are some of the new features that we hope you’ll really enjoy:

  • Improved mapping, so you can find the places you love to play at
  • Social media presence, we’re tying into ALL of the current social  media outlets so you can get the latest updates, share your victories and defeats, upload pics, and just plain ol’ holla!
  • TJ Bio’s, this is gonna help you get to know the hundreds of faces of Stump!, find out where your favorite host is playing,  ask them about that awesome song you heard, the list is endless Buy Stump! swag, those Tee’s and hats you have been dying to see are soon comin!
  • Take advantage of discounts from our sponsors and featured bars. That banner on the home page ain’t just for looks ya know, click on them for discounts and deals. And most certainly click on the featured bars you love! You go there anyways so might as well take advantage of the offers they’re passin along to you!
  • This is merely the beginning!

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